Energy for euglena

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Euglena is a single-celled, photosynthetic eukaryote.  How does a Euglena obtain energy to do such cellular work such as active transport across its membrane?

A.  It transports ATP from the chloroplasts.

B.  It utilizes nutrients from the surrounding water to make ATP.

C.  It uses sugars made in the chloroplasts to make ATP.

D.  It uses sunlight to make ATP.



A. They transport ATP from the chloroplasts.

Energy sources for plants

Which of the following best describes how a plant cell gets the energy it needs for cellular processes?

A.  The chloroplasts provide all the ATP needed by the plants.

B.  ATP is transported to cells that lack chloroplasts (roots, stems, etc.).

C.  In the light, the ATP comes from the chloroplasts, in the dark, from mitochondria.

D.  Most ATP comes from digestion of organic matter absorbed by roots, some comes from chloroplasts.

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